Wooden box – The Spiritual Machine

The Spiritual Machine boxes

Essential tools for Steampunk Mixology

That's what our boxes look like
Paolo Armitano for The Spiritual Machine

As in all good projects, there was a phase zero.

In that phase, we took our inspiration from a world we feel we belong to: steampunk.

How did we start creating our world?

From keywords: bizarre, unconventional, authentic. There was a bit of this in all of us, and a bit of us in all of this. We found someone who could draw it: Paolo Armitano, cartoonist for Dylan Dog. Paolo designed what, today, is the world of The Spiritual Machine.

We wanted a contemporary but anachronistic context, where nature and industrial genius collaborated to their full potential.

Our botanicals could not be as excellent as they are without the work of humans, and humans could not make them safe without the help of machines.

Each Spiritual Machine product is interpreted differently in mixing.

Now, would you like to experience the Spiritual Machine?

Here’s our wooden boxes selection that allows you to give free rein to all the different ideas you have in your head. Even the ones you haven’t had yet.

The Spiritual tinctures

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Nella confezione delle tinture sono presenti le nostre note e le nostre origini, alle quali abbiamo abbinato le Basi per darti una possibilità in più: quella di creare il tuo Vermouth.

Nella confezione troverai

  • 3 basi da 200 ml: Red, Dry e White. Un concentrato idroalcolico a base di assenzio e altri botanicals con il quale creare la base del tuo Vermouth
  • 4 note da 50 ml: aggregati di genere di diversi botanicals, per arricchire il sapore di uno spirito complesso nel suo equilibrio
  • 3 origini da 50 ml: i bitter con i quali firmare la tua creazione


Come creare il tuo Vermouth?
Il consiglio migliore che possiamo darti lo troverai nelle nostre Masterclass.

The Spiritual distillates

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The hidden aromas of the tinctures are brought out by the distillation process. Tinctures and distillates allow an excellent balance to be achieved when calibrated during the mixing phase.

Nowadays the most popular spirit is Gin: so we suggest you try our Juniper Essence and then start crafting your compound Gin.

In our spirit selection box we provide:

  • 1 bottle of 700 ml Juniper Essence: a balmy and fragrant cereal distillate, flavoured with the best juniper berries available in the world.
  • 4 bottles of 50 ml note: Herbs, Citrus, Flower and Spices.
  • Distilled aggregates of different botanicals, perfect to aromatise the neutral base.
  • 3 bottles of 50 ml origini, the tools to give your creation its signature flavour: Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The combination of our distillates opens the doors to many mixing possibilities, including creating a Gin that you find particularly appealing…or a Gin that goes superbly with the tonic you like.