Tinctures – The Spiritual Machine


What is a tincture?


A tincture is the result of macerating botanicals in a solution of alcohol and water. Our maceration process respects the botanicals in terms of times and aromas, as tradition dictates. Which is how we create 100% natural products with no synthetic flavour.


In order to work on larger volumes, we had to replace traditional machinery with less romantic instruments: the step up from wooden barrels to steel barrels, for example, was an obligatory, not to mention effective, one.

A natural sweetener – fructose – is used to enhance the flavours of our blends.


The specific combination that makes The Spiritual Machine function is a finely balanced blend of tradition, technology, mathematics and chemistry.


We divide our tinctures into two categories: Note and Origini


Intense and persistent.



We love biodiversity.


Our Masterclass!

Each blend is part of the history of Italian drinks.

In our masterclass we will tell you how to use them.