A story still to be written

New techniques, new ingredients, new opportunities for consumption. A sector of pioneers whose written history does not yet exist. We can write this story together, with your new spirit.

New products for new habits

Whether it's a botanical spirits or a premixed cocktail, you can meet new demands of consumers in many different ways

Discover with us the world of New Spirits

It is certainly difficult to fix in a course, a webinar or slides a world in constant motion like "New Spirits". Our CEO Elisa Cravero tried, together with the help of Fulvio Piccinino's wisdom.

Some data and trends

  • From 2010 to 2020, innovative microdistilleries in America have increased from 184 to more than 2200
  • Great interest in "premium" and crafted, especially in the Chinese and US market
  • Research and experimentation of new ingredients with nutraceutical properties
  • The world of RTD - ready to drink spirits - is booming, with pre-mixed cocktails from increasingly innovative packaging


Let's do it weird, let's do it right

We are pioneers of taste by vocation, but for us the quality and safety of the products come first. We study and refine the recipe and its production process to create the new spirit you had in mind, with the guarantee of bringing your customers a unique, innovative and stable product.

  • Selection of over 150 botanicals
  • Only 100% natural ingredients
  • Safe and certified ingredients
  • Compliance with FDA standards


Del Mago drinks - The experience of Haute Cuisine cocktails at home

Marcello Trentini, chef of the starred Turin restaurant Mago Rabin, entered the world of new spirits with 4 “ready to drink” cocktails. Reinterpretations of the great classics, but with a touch of originality thanks to botanical "signatures". Milan-Turin with artichoke and licorice, Negroni with Serpillo thyme, Vesper with lovage and finally Boulevardier with cocoa distillate.