Juniper Essence – The Spiritual Machine

Juniper Essence

Botanical name: Juniperus communis L.
Origin: Est Europa

The essential role of Gineprina

Black or dark purple berries. The Juniper plant is similar to rosemary both in its development and type of leaf. Juniper produces an essential oil, gineprina, which has a stimulating function for the body.

You will have noticed it while drinking a Gin&Tonic.

Our juniper is selected in Eastern Europe, where people still pick the berries the traditional way at the just right point of maturity, so they have a high essential oil content.

How do juicy juniper berries become fragrant Juniper Essence?

The answer is tradition: to obtain the characteristic intensity of our Gin, we use steam distillation. We meticulously set the parameters so that the most aromatic components are obtained in each phase.

Perfectly ripen

We select only berries that are at the perfect maturation point: in this way they carry high level of essential oils.

One to one correlation

the ratio between the quantity of juniper berries and the alcoholic solvent tends towards the berries and the result is a product with an intense aroma and flavour.

It’s your turn


We do not add other flavours to our Juniper Essence.

This will be your choice when you use our Note and Origini to craft your Gin.