Create your Gin

What is the secret of gin's success?

Historically, Great Britain is considered the homeland of gin thanks to traditional London Dry Gin. Old Tom, Plymouth, Distilled and many others. There are many styles and production methods for gin, and there are no limits to the botanicals that can be used in it. In Italy in 1555 however, an Italian alchemist named Alessio Piemontese created a distillate based on juniper berries and left us vital clues in his book of medicinal recipes. All gins, even the most whimsical, must have a clear note of juniper berries and a minimum alcohol content of 37.5%. Gin today represents one of the pillars of modern mixology.

Nothing like it

In the past 10 years, no alcohol product has recorded the growth rates of gin.

Craft are the best

More and more small craft producers are entering the market.

There is still a place for your gin

Gin sales continue to grow: there is still room for new producers and for increasingly original and creative recipes

Discover (almost) every the secrets of gin

Fulvio Piccinino, an internationally renowned bartender, leads us as we discover the origins of gin with a particular focus on Italian tradition. Thanks to Fulvio's research and passion, this course will surprise even for the most experienced participants.

Some data and trends

  • Gin was one of the most purchased spirits in 2020, with an increase in sales compared to 2019
  • Undisputed protagonist of the "vintage" current that we have been witnessing for years in the world of mixology
  • Some Gin brands, such as Elephant and Altitude, are protagonists of social responsibility actions such as the protection of African and Alpine fauna
  • The first world market is the United Kingdom (3.3 B) followed by the USA (2.4 B) and India (1.7 B)


Bathtub gin

We have chosen the Compound method, which was called "bathtub gin" during prohibition. It is a cold assembly of different spirits: juniper, which naturally plays the leading role, is added with all the botanicals necessary to create the perfect aromatic balance of your gin.

  • Selection of over 150 botanicals
  • Only 100% natural ingredients
  • Safe and certified ingredients
  • Compliance with FDA standards


Francesco Menozzi: "Bottega +39, the house of craft Gins"

A degree in Philosophy and a passion for infusions, Francesco Menozzi is not only the founder of Bottega +39, in Reggio Emilia. He is also a visionary, who imagined replacing the ‘classic’ premium gins with his own products.

    “I Created 4 gins to satisfy the tastes of my customers, while always looking for something new.” Says Francesco and the results seem to prove him right. “From African spicy notes to Barrique and Mediterranean Gin,” he continues, "We have unique products that distinguish us from all other cocktail bars."