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Discover your bitter side

Bitter herbal liqueurs have a tradition which spans a thousand years. From the elixirs of long life produced by monks, to the bitters of today: Aperitifs, digestives, bitters, wines or spirits, mixed or tasted straight over an ice cube the possibilities for this product category are limitless.

Negroni and Spritz, the world’s top drinks

In the top ten of the world’s the most popular drinks: as Italian as we are and bitter-based.

Amaro, not just after a meal

The new trend to use bitters and digestives also in mixology makes this category a versatile product with infinite consumption opportunities

Choose from 50 shades of bitter

Not all bitter herbs are the same: Aloe Ferox, Rhubarb, Gentian, Artichoke and Absinthe - find out what your favorite bitter shade is.

Discover (almost) every secrets of Amaro and Bitters

Together with Fulvio Piccinino, internationally renowned bartender, we discover the history of amari, from the elixir of life, to the modern pharmacopoeia up to the most innovative uses in modern mixology. A journey through herbs and spices, which won't leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Some data and trends

  • In the last year the Italian bitters market has grown by 7.5% in value, and 6% in volume
  • Italian bitters are among the 10 most requested in the world
  • The USA is a hot market: the Caffo group exports its famous Vecchio Amaro del Capo all over the continent using Total Beverage Solution


We balance bitterness as we walk the bitter tight rope

Finding the perfect balance between bitter notes, sweetness and alcohol content is a real balancing act. Our tinctures contain different bittering botanicals, which allow you to build a balanced and complex Amaro or Bitter. We lay the bottled products down for a few months. This is the only way we can guarantee complexity and harmony in our products.

  • A Selection of over 150 botanicals
  • Only 100% natural ingredients
  • Safe and certified
  • Compliance with FDA standards


Vetz, the Italian bitter conquering Scandinavia

Vetz bitter was invented by Alberto Corti, Federico Rocca, Antonio Tortorici and Nicholas Dellai, This enterprising group of young people from the Veneto and Lombardy regions, is warming up cold Swedish nights with a touch of Italian warmth.

    A wine-based bitter, light on in alcohol but complex in its aromas. Gentian and bitter orange are the signature notes to which elderberry, cedar and coriander are added. A product designed for the aperitif which is conquering the Swedish market.