Booze Botanical Garden

A botanical laboratory where you can create and mix new spirits, finding your own botanicals balance.

Masterclass — Part 1

We look at the history of Italian drinks with Fulvio Piccinino, talking about botanicals and how spirits are made.

Masterclass — Part 2

We enter the world of The Spiritual Machine with our InfusionistsWe will create new spirits using our lines of tinctures and distillates. We will talk about merchandise, combinations and optimisation of consumption when creating a line that best suits the requirements of your bar and clientele.

Being part of The Spiritual Machine means being part of a circle of people where a passion for mixology is crucial and professional improvement goes hand in hand with sharing new experiences with colleagues.


Our master classes are limited in size: a small group means more in-depth discussion about the details.


We are partners of several bartending schools throughout Italy and we strongly believe that authentic innovation is anthropological and human.

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Our masterclass


For reservations, check the Booze Botanical Garden calendar.

The Infusionists team

Fulvio Piccinino

Researcher, Maestro and liquorist: there are many sides to this man, who needs no in-depth presentation. His passion has led him to write about the history of Italian liqueurs: he is author of the bestseller “Il Vermouth di Torino” and more recently a book about Italian Gin, and he is the sole author of the website

Fulvio is the maestro who will make you discover and fall in love with Italian liqueurs.

fulvio infusionist
franci infusionist

Francesco Menozzi

Francesco is a student of Philosophy who decided that his calling was to be a bar manager. Visionary but down-to-earth, he is the owner of the Bottega 39 franchise in Emilia Romagna: a simple and effective format, where the spotlight is on Italian products.

Filippo Laccu

Filippo has the charm of someone who follows their own path in life, wherever it may lead them. His path has been one of professional experiences in different parts of the Tuscan hinterland, and an unconditional love for mixing competitions.

Filippo loves situations that challenge his skills, which is why he joined our Infusionist Team.

fillo infusionist

Luca Rossi

The Man from Genova, always in the know and up to the minute on the latest trends: he never misses a chance to be involved in the bartending world. Luca is Bar Manager of the Muà Lounge Restaurant, a place where mixology is unconventional and that comes with a hidden floor … but we can’t talk about it: it’s a secret.

He entered the world of The Spiritual Machine elegantly, sipping a Gin & Tonic.