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The Base to create your Vermouth.

Wormwood and Gentian.

A botanical combination of a very popular drink in mixology. Its Red, White and Dry versions are used in 70% of cocktails all over the world. What are we talking about? Vermouth, obviously.

We don’t know for sure if the word Vermouth comes from the German “Wermut” – wormwood – or if it is the Italianization of the word Wehrmut – liquid courage – since it was the last drink consumed by soldiers before fighting during the Second World War.

Three Bases

Our three macerations are based on the combination of wormwood and gentian, and when mixed with wine and our tinctures, the result is a specially crafted Vermouth.

In our Red Base we add Camomile, a surprising but typical aroma of red Vermouth.

Our Dry Base has the fresh and somewhat spicy note of Cardamom. Unlike the majority of Dry Vermouths on the market, our base is slightly darker, tending to straw yellow colour. The reason is connected with the main characteristic of our products: they are completely natural.

Last but not least, the sweetest option in the bar: the White Base. Here, we add an essential note of Vanilla from Madagascar to Wormwood and Gentian.

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Your Vermouth


Our bases are concentrates that must be diluted with wine (better if it’s not too aromatic), and then combined with The Spiritual Machine tinctures.

This is how to create a Vermouth that suits your taste and your mixing needs!