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About us

Spiritual people with good intuition


The Spiritual Machine is the brainchild of a group of people who share a vision inspired by the spirit of adventure.

The aim is to introduce a dynamic of permanent evolution to the beverage market, based on safety, versatility and sharing professional experiences.

We live in a time when there are infinite kinds of alcohol, but we are always served the same drinks.

The bravest bartenders have publicly sided against Mojito and Spritz, refusing every order that doesn’t create thrills.

Customers are beginning to warm to this trend and they are stimulating their bartenders’ creativity by ordering things that don’t have names yet, like the infamous: “I’ll leave it up to you”

Working with homemades would appear to be the most effective solution for offering new drinks: but they can be unstable and even dangerous if you do not know the tricks with botanicals.

Few people know the dangers hidden in apparently harmless plants 

We have carefully selected our botanicals, striving to find a balance between the aromatic notes and honing processing techniques in order to bring out the best of every single botanical used.

This is how the Spiritual Machine Tinctures and Distillates came about 

Thanks to a meticulous selection of botanicals from all over the world that are scrupulously stored and processed to achieve stable and safe spirits, The Spiritual Machine supplies products that are ideal for personalising any spirit: our tinctures and spirits are certified by over 100 years of experience gained in the field by our manufacturer.

This is why we’d like to invite everyone to feel part of the social environment in which we live and freely create their own spirit.

We are a young, dynamic and constantly evolving company, just like our products.

Elisa Cravero

Matteo Fornaca

Matteo Dispenza

Giulia Bosis