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Are you a bartender, a wine producer, a professional, or simply a hungry innovator? Discover why this is the right time to be a spiritual star!

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Are you an agency, a company or a private? Make your event or gift memorable whit a bottle with your own label.

Create new spirits

Are you a distillery or a beverage company? Develop new products in a fast and easy way, adding our natural tinctures and distillates.


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  • GIN




For us, vermouth is like sex: we like it in all its forms, as long as it's done right. White, red or amber, made with Barolo, Moscato barricato or natural wine, with the addition of radicchio infusion, fortified with grappa, even kosher. In two years we have worked on more than 50 recipes, from the most classic to the most "revolutionary" ones.
Which one will be yours?

  • Vermouth has been making a serious comeback in cocktail culture, with a market size worth $ 15.7 Billion by 2027, CAGR 7.6%
  • Vermouth was invented by Benedetto Carpano in 1786 in Turin, 1.5 mile away from our office. And Turin is still the best place to produce it!


If you are reading this paragraph, you probably know that gin is the hottest spirit in recent years. Volumes are in exponential growth, as well as the number of craft/artisanal labels. The Spiritual Machine can help you create something unique, be it a gin for your bar, for an event or a distribution line. Are you ready to launch yourself into the world of spirits?

  • The gin market today worth 12 billion euros (double compared to 10 years ago!)
  • The growth forecast for the years 2020-2023 is 7.8% per year

The Bitter & Amaro masters

The habit of bitter taste is a matter of training, imprinted in our DNA, in fact, exists the equation "bitter taste" = "poisonous food". This survival rule seems to have been overcome and in the last twenty years we have witnessed a return in the consumption of bitters and AMARI, and in parallel a reduction of the sugar content of drinks.
It definitely seems like the right time to explore new recipes!

  • The Italian bitters market grew by 7.5% in value in 2019
  • We use only 100% natural, safe and certified ingredients

The New Spirits masters

More daring, more extreme, more innovative. If you have arrived here it is because it is not enough for you to look at the horizon, but you want to go further and create something that no one has imagined yet.

  • A market thirsty for novelty
  • Endless possibilities to create new products

What can TSM do for you?

Let's start from your business and discover which spirit fits for!

If you are a wine producer, you already have in your cellar the 70% of your Vermouth. We have the 30% remaining! 

Impress your guests serving a Gin with your own label, or sell your own pre-mixed cocktails in rooms’ mini bar

Make your customers feel valued by serving private label spirits. This will be the best reminder of your service!

Our semi finished tinctures and distillates are the secret ingredient that will boost your new products time-to-market. Only natural botanicals, 100% controlled

A Christmas gift for your clients, a gadget for a special event: design the best label ever, we will take care of all the rest. 


If you run a bar, you already have the perfect place to run a test about your own gin, or vermouth, or bitter. And if your clients will love it, so other bars and restaurants will!


Free and professional courses for producers of craft spirits

After a huge success in Italy (more than 4,000 people) we have decided to go further, and systematize our training into a real Academy, with the consequent release of certifications.

  • Outstanding teachers
    Among them, Fulvio Piccinino, one of the Italian most renowned experts
  • From professionals to professionals
    In the creation of new alcoholic products there is no room for improvisation: this is why we will combine the history of products with market trends, from marketing to the more specific production aspects.


We will take care of every aspect


Starting from your ideas, we will craft the recipe that better suits your needs. Only natural ingredients with quality certifications


Packaging is crucial for the success of your project. We knows it and have partnered with some of the best bottle producers and label designers


Our process is 3x faster than a traditional private label process. Free up your time and save money


We don't ask for a minimum order of bottles, while traditional producer typically ask for an average of 2.000+ of traditional producers. We want you to be as lean as us: try, learn, adapt.


Spirits industry worldwide it's full of regulations, monopolies, duties. We are here to support you in all bureaucracy, thanks to our network of importers and distributors


We stock and ship on your behalf, so you will be free to focus on sales and marketing

Botanicals available
Professionals attending TSM Academy
Times faster compared to traditional production
the percentage of our growth each year


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Recent Work.



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Born in Turin, growing in New York City.

Our HQ is only 1 mile from the place where Carpano invented the Vermouth, in 1786. Proudly members of WeWork Food Labs, 511 W 25th Street, Manhattan. We are working to disrupt the spirits industry, focusing on open innovation rather "secret recipes", on data more than magics, on digital marketing more than door-to-door sales agents. Our first vertical is Vermouth, and by the end of 2020, after only 2 years, we will have the biggest number of Vermouth references compared to any other company worldwide.

Direct access to more than 150 herbs and spices

We have a deep knowledge on botanicals used in the spirits industry, both on the chemical and flavor side.

3x time faster

Our previous company was a Vermouth brand, and it took 18 months before we had the first bottle on our hand, with huge effort and a lot of money. That's where The Spiritual Machine came from: 1 to 3 months to deliver any product.

+ 1000 Infusionist

Our booming network of Ho.Re.Ca. professionals will give you feedbacks and a market audience