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Custom Spirits
Tailored For Your Ideas

Create your own line of Gin, Vermouth, Bitter, Amari and New Spirits with the help of our team.
We create your spirit, you just have to choose which bottle to put it into

Who we are

The Spiritual Machine was born from a group of people who shared a vision inspired by an adventurous spirit. Our team of consultants will allow you to create the spirit that best fits the vision of your brand, just tell us your idea and we’ll take care of the rest.

Custom Line

Create your own custom line of Gin, Vermouth, Bitter, Amari and New Spirits. With a minimum order of 100 bottles and in a maximum of 3 months we can bottle any spirit tailored to your reality, giving you the opportunity to mix your recipe, choose your bottle and create your own label.

Tinctures and Distillates

We sought a balance between aromatic notes and refined processing techniques in order to enhance every single botanical we used. The Spiritual Machine Tinctures and Distillates arised: 100% natural and stabilized products to give you the opportunity to mix Your Spirit in total safety.

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Elisa Cravero

Matteo Fornaca

Matteo Dispenza

Giulia Bosis

About Us

The Spiritual Machine gives bar industry workers the opportunity to approach the creation of Spirits in a safe way, without worrying about distillation risks.

Marco Riccetti – Inside Cocktail Bar, Turin
Amaro Parej creator

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Thanks to The Spiritual Machine I made a series of Gin according to my clientele’s taste, emphasizing the mixology within my bars Bottega +39.

Francesco Menozzi – Bottega 39, Reggio Emilia
creator of Gin +39 lines