Create your Vermouth

The king of aperitifs is back, stronger than ever

In 1786 Antonio Benedetto Carpano, herbalist from Torino, invented the flavored wine that was to become the leading aperitif all over the world. Made up of 75% wine, Vermouth finds its uniqueness in the infinite combinations of spices and medicinal herbs added to the infusion.

Explore new markets

In the last 3 years, the export of Italian Vermouth has grown by 70% in the United States. And the Chinese market could also hold some surprises ...

Impress with new products

Whether you are a wine producer, restaurant or owner, distillery or distributor, adding vermouth to your business proposal will amaze your customers and increase your margins.

An unparalleled reorder rate

Two out of three customers on average order a triple supply of bottles 6 months after their first dealings with us.

Discover (almost) all the secrets of vermouth

Together with Fulvio Piccinino, one of the most skilled experts on the subject in the world, we have been organizing master classes for professionals and amateurs since 2015. Using the Esperienza Vermouth brand, we have trained and, we hope, entertained more than 4000 people with our live and online events in Torino, Shanghai, Frankfurt, London and New York.

Why start producing vermouth?

  • Vermouth is the basic ingredient of some of the most the most popular cocktails in the world, such as the Negroni, Manhattan and Martini.
  • Thanks to its alcohol content of between 14 and 18 degrees it benefits from the growth of the ‘NoLo’ (No and Low alcohol) sector
  • Italy, USA, Spain, UK and Australia are just some of the countries where there is a strong increase in the market
  • In China, in the last 3 years, vermouth exports from Italy have grown by 800%


How we make your vermouth

We have innovated on the traditional production method born in Turin. We use tinctures or distillates obtained from selected spices and botanicals. Our semi-finished products speed up the process, and allow us to obtain a product of the highest quality, safe and replicable, even in small quantities.

  • Selection of over 150 botanicals
  • 100% natural
  • Safe and certified ingredients
  • Compliance with FDA standards


"Elia that brought Vermouth back to Salento"

[from Italian national newspaper Repubblica, 08/27/19] There are, in some Nordic cultures, prodigious figures who roam the woods and collect herbs to be used for potions believed to be magical. It was known that those concoctions could be used as invigorating and to help recover from particular states of physical asthenia and low levels of consciousness.

    Today, those medicinal substances are called liqueurs and no longer belong either to witchcraft or even pharmaceuticals, but to the culture of good drinking. Elia Calò is a bar consultant who created Bar Mita, a private speakeasy just outside Lequile, in the province of Lecce. [Read the rest of the article (Italian) here]